Automated processes - perfected procedure

The steps

This is the approach that needs to be followed for the incorporation of companies:

1. Checking the information and documents provided

We ensure that the information and documents that you provide comply with the conditions required by law and state institutions. If we notice some discrepancies, we will let you know, thus you can take appropriate measures.

2. Checking the name availability

We check the availability of the name you  want for your company. If the name you propose is NOT available for registration with state institutions, we will let you know as soon as possible in order to repeat this procedure; you have our help at your disposal.

3. Drafting documents and filling out forms

Preparing documents and forms needed to the incorporation of the company.  If applicable, we can make necessary arrangements with the banking institutions - for capital share deposits.

4. Submitting and collecting the incorporation documents

Once the folder is ready, we will submit it to the authorized institutions for incorporation. The registration procedure lasts differently, depending whether it is about incorporation of self-employed legal entity, limited liability companies, sole- proprietorship, associations, foundations, etc., as well as whether the registration is made in Bucharest / Ilfov or other counties. After incorporation, we collect the documents issued by state institutions.

  1. 5. Handing the Incorporation documents to the client

Once we have your documents, we will let you know and handle them to you by means that you consider appropriate. A complete package of documents and materials prepared by us will help you succeed, thus you will be able to start working and perform the desired activity.

  1. 6. Assistance and post-incorporation services

After the incorporation procedure has ended, we are at your disposal with services that  help you meet the arising needs during the business activity (examples: opening / closing a branch,  assignments, consulting, fees and taxes,  host services for the registered office, registering trademarks and logos with the State Office for Trademark & Inventions etc.)

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