Over 12.000 clients have walked with us in business, or have turned to registered office hosting services, annotations registration at the Trade Register or bookkeeping services under Reinvent Consulting brand.
Reinvent Consulting is a trademark of the Reinvent group of companies - with a presence on the market of over 10 years in the field of commercial and financial consulting services in Romania.
One of the defining constant of activity for our companies, a milestone that guides our business evolution, was the innovation in our market niche. Reinvent Consulting is first professional team in the industry who:

  • had a dedicated blog with commercial, financial and marketing tips,

  • has invested notable constant efforts in corporate social responsibility campaigns,

  • has dedicated an office building in the field of integrated services,

  • has hosted companies` registered offices and made possible the establishment of a company only with the clients` ID,

  • developed a complete online ordering platform, through which payments can be made

  • created a company sales & exchange hub,

  • it is part of a system of strategic alliances with renowned partners from other areas of business activity.

We are the only ones in the industry that have invested more than EUR 200,000 in the last two years to streamline all internal processes so that customers can enjoy unprecedented standards of services in Romania, which align to the best standards of the United States of America and the UK.

We differentiate ourselves from others with this significant trait and we shall further distinguish ourselves, because it does not stop here, we promise that we are committed to constant innovation. To be one step ahead and think freely are no longer simple slogans, but for a long time until now constitutes the need for innovation, we continuously reinvent ourselves, we reinvent the business environment, we reinvent the concept of customer satisfaction and what that means to business consulting  services.
Specializing in commercial consulting, tax consulting, financial and accounting record keeping services, hosting registered offices, representation at the Trade Register and the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, Reinvent Consulting is a service brand that meets customer’s needs in a manner adapted to the particularities of their situation. All this comes from the self-assumed exigency to make a major contribution to the business success of a client’s companies.

Integrated services

The business concept that we promote is that of integrated services. Thus, novice entrepreneurs who are just starting out or business men with a long track of experience can find in the same place fast and effective solutions corresponding exactly with the arising needs of the business.

Our range of services is wide: from incorporation and even hosting the registered office, to tax consultancy, financial and accounting record keeping, amendment registration at the Trade Register for those issues that appear during the growth or restructure of a business activity (preparing additional documents: branch openings, cession of social shares ,increasing the amount of stock capital, administrator appointment/dismissal, National Classification of Economic Activities (N.C.E.A.) re-coding, changes to the company name, suspending the company’s  activity), up to accounting expertise, legal advice, representation before the State institutions, State Office for trademark Invention registrations, dissolution, liquidation, deletion of companies. Our customers can start a business using our dedicated, online platform: Online Client

Furthermore, Reinvent Consulting provides:

  • Incorporation of  self-employed person,
  • Incorporation as sole-proprietorship,
  • Incorporation of businesses in Bulgaria,
  • Conference room / office room renting,
  • Incorporation of  associations, foundations, unions,
  • Realization of stamps.



  • The advantages of a business made with us result from major characteristics that define our work: innovation and integrated services.
  • We innovate out of duty for our clients, and to offer the best business consulting solutions in order to meet the needs that arise out of this unsteady economic climate, as well as from the need to permanently remain the top supplier for such services.
  • Integrated solutions include consulting services such as commercial, fiscal, financial accounting offered by our lawyers, respectively tax consultants, projects for the reorganization of companies in difficulty/business reorganization, contract management, audit services, accounting, negotiations with creditors, debt recovery services, incorporation and registration of amendments, hosting services for registered office, industrial property specific services.
  • Practically, entrepreneurs` demands always find their prompt and efficient solutions in the same place: Reinvent Consulting. This saves them from unnecessary prospect and difficult choices. Furthermore, processing a one of our loyal customer’s request means that their business situation is already known, and this contributes to better quality, increased efficiency and reliable services.
  • Also, each separate approach, made in the same department, or different departments within our company, meet certain conditions of interoperability and complementarity.  Thus, the procedures, starting from data processing and drafting clauses in contracts and documents, until the service itself is provided, are complementing and reinforcing each other.
  • Secondly, the benefits of collaboration with Reinvent Consulting are deriving from our business values: trust, value on time and information, vision, quality and professionalism, fairness and responsibility. Resemblance or even similarity of these values​with those of our customers is a prerequisite to optimal communication and beneficial results for both parties.