General details


Joint stock companies (S.A.) are legal entities with juridical personality that shareholders (natural person and/or juridical person) form, with the purpose of performing trade acts.

The shareholders are liable only up to the value of  their contribution in the shared capital stock, therefore cannot lose more than the initial contribution.

The minimum shared capital stock of a joint stock company is 25,000 lei (RON). The equity share is equal with the owned percentage in shares. The shares can be registered (have the holder`s name written) or bearer shares (wholly owned by whoever holds the physical certificate).

A corporation can also be formed by public subscription. The legal framework for joint stock companies is governed by Law no. 31/1990, Chapter II - law of commercial companies. This law has been amended by a series of normative acts, revised and republished. The complete list of amendments can be found on the Chamber of Deputies’ website.  

The services provided by Reinvent Consulting are fully complying with this legal framework and its latest amendments. The procedures and the documents made by us, are the result of over 18 years experience in incorporation and legal regulations.

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