General Information

Services offered by our consultants include:

  • advice on residence visa;
  • obtaining certificates of registration for EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation as well as residence cards for their family members
  • obtaining residence permits for foreigners;
  • obtaining work permits for foreign nationals for employment / detachment to / from companies with registered office in Romania;
  • extension of the residence permit;
  • representation before Romanian Immigration Office to obtain or extend any type of visa, residence permits, work permits


Interested persons are invited to contact us and to provide details about the situation and the desired service. For this purpose call 021.318.69.60 

One of our attorneys and legal consultants will respond with details about the procedure, documents required and the steps to be followed.



Our attorneys and legal consultants can handle visas for citizens of third countries (non EU) wishing to travel to Romania.

These visas can be of two categories: short-stay visa, long-stay visa.

  • Short-stay visa - allows you to request entrance on the Romanian territory for reasons other than immigration, for an uninterrupted stay or whose duration does not exceed 90 days within 6 months from date of first entry. This visa can be issued with one or more entries.
  • Long-stay visa is granted for the following purposes:
  • Long stay visa for employment,
  • Long stay visa for undertaking commercial activities,
  • Long stay visa for other purposes,
  • Long stay visa for family reunification
  • Long stay visa for professional activities;
  • Long stay visa for studies;
  • Long stay visa for humanitarian or religious activities;


For details on the procedures that need to be followed, please contact us by calling 021.318.69.60. One of our attorneys and legal consultants will provide you with information on the steps and documents required. 

Residence permits


After the entry into Romania, citizens will need to obtain a residence permit.

This certifies your residency in Romania and is obtained from the territorial units of the Romanian Immigration Office in the county you reside.

For approaches to State institutions, please contact us using the following number: 021.318.69.60

Please provide details of your situation.



Work permits can be of several types:

  • work authorization for permanent workers,
  • work permit for detached workers,
  • work permit for seasonal workers,
  • work permit for workplace trainees
  • work permit for sportsmen
  • nominal work permit,
  • Work authorization for cross-border workers.


Work authorization will be made depending on the type of work you want to undertake and depending on the purpose of your stay in Romania.

Please contact one of our attorneys or consultants using the following number: 021.318.69.60 and provide details of your situation.



The Certificate of Registration is issued to citizens of EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation, based on the submitted documents to the Authority for Foreigners (ORI), taking into account the purpose of their staying in Romania for a period of more than three months.

For their family members the State issues a residency card.

Our services can be ordered regarding the obtaining of permanent residence card for citizens of EU / EEA or for their family members. You can use the form the bottom of the page for details. One of our attorneys or legal consultants will provide information about the procedure, the documents required and the steps to be followed.



The services we offer are based on a Contract of service, respecting the legislation in force as well as the terms and conditions of agreement.
The fee shall be calculated considering the complexity of each client's situation and time, calculated per hour, which will be granted to solve each situation individually.

You will receive the necessary information about the services, and the basic price, from the consultants that will get in touch with you.

You can talk to one of our consultants by calling : 021.318.69.60