Trade Unions - Incorporation


The trade union is a form of voluntary organization of employees that is constituted in order to defend the rights of the workers and to promote the professional, economic, social and cultural activities of its members. Trade Unions are non-dependant on public authorities, political parties and professional organizations and they do not involve in political activities. For the constitution of such an entity it is necessary to have at least 15 workers of the same unit willing to be members in the trade union. Workers unde the age of 16 may be members of a trade union without the consent of their legal representatives.

The incorporation, organization, function, reorganization and dissolution of a trade union is regulated by the Statute adopted by the members and that is under the conditions of the law.

In the absence of express statutory provisions on reorganization and dissolution of trade unions, the common law provisions on dissolution of legal entities will be applied.


The union will acquire legal personality starting with the registration in the Special Register of trade unions and with the final sentence of a judge.

Necessary documents


To form a trade union you will need the following:

  • Registration request to the court in whose territorial jurisdiction the union has its headquarters (drafted by us) – the original is attached to the file; also 2 copies certified by the legal representative of the following documents are mandatory:
  • The trade union incorporation protocol, signed by the founders (drafted by us);
  • .Copy of ID card- founders
  • Copy of the Trade Union Statute (drafted by us);
  • The Executive Board members list, with their names, sunames, ID number, profession/work position and their location;
  • Copy of the Title Deeds for the registered office location;
  • Location of the trade union registered office
  • One name version for the union

The waiting time for incorporating a trade union is 45 days - at that moment the association will be fully functional. Obtaining the court decision for registration in the Registry of Associations and Foundations, takes up to 21 days, however there are several procedures to be followed before it becomes a final decision, thus the deadline extends to 45 working days.



Trade Union Incorporation prices:

  • Services provided


    fees, taxes, fiscal record*

    patrimony/assets minimum value


    Trade union Incorporation

    1.500 RON - in Bucharest
    2.000 RON - elsewhere

    It is not necessary

    45 working days

    Trade union Modification

    1000 RON


    45 working days

    Registered office extension

    370 RON


    2 working days



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