Sole-proprietorship (II) incorporation


Under the rights of free initiative, association and business establishment, any Romanian citizen or national of another EU Member State or European Economic Area, may perform economic activities in Romania as provided by law.

Previously mentioned individuals can perform economic activities as business owners of sole-proprietorship or family-proprietorship entities. They must have a registered office in Romania as stipulated by law.

Any permanent, temporary or occasional economic activity undertaken in Romania, by sole-proprietorship or family-proprietorship entities, must be registered and authorized as stipulated by law – OUG (Emergency Ordinance)  44/2008.

Patrimonial liability in case of sole proprietorship ( II ) is done with the entire assets of the individual . A sole proprietorship (II ) may have employees. A person who is the sole shareholder / partner in a limited liability company (LLC –SRL) may establish a sole proprietorship (II).

Establishment costs are lower than in the limited liability company and bookkeeping is kept in simple entry. Also, administrative costs are lower than those of a limited liability company. After the foundation, it is mandatory an FSA (Financial State Administration) registration.


Reinvent Consulting offers business people the opportunity to host their registered office. We also provide accounting services for our parteners so you can concentrate on the most profitable activities your company has to offer!

Necessary documents

The necessary documents for sole-proprietorship incorporation are:

  • Copy of I.D.
  • Certified copy of the Title Deeds (in case you don’t have where to host the registered office, you can choose our hosting services: Click HERE)
  • Real Estate Register excerpt - the original and valid copy;
  • Tax Registration Certificate - the original and valid copy;
  • Owners association certificate/agreement;
  • Documents certifying the necessary skills, training and work experience: Degree copy/ study documents/ certificates (that are linked to the business’object of activity), proof of qualification in that particular activity;
  • Bailment agreement;
  • Specimen signature;
  • Power of attorney.


Sole-proprietorship tariffs for registered office hosting:

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59 Euro

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  • Time length: 6 months
  • Including secretarial services: receiving correspondence and notification about it

111 Euro

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  • Time length : 1 year
  • Including secretarial services: receiving correspondence and notification about it

199 Euro

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  • Time length: 2 years + 1 year for FREE
  • Including secretarial services: receiving correspondence and notification about it

250 Euro

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  • Time length: 3 years
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The above prices don’t include VAT. The amount must be paid in advance and is charged once.
Sole-proprietorship incorporation tariffs:

Services provided


fees and taxes

Trade Register,  tax offence record


once the file is complete


Bucharest - Ilfov

Other counties

Bucharest - Ilfov

Other counties

Sole-proprietorship incorporation

490 RON

(Including Trade Register taxes, our fee and VAT.)

600 RON

(Including Trade Register taxes, our fee and VAT.)


15-25 days

Accounting services

Final tariffs will be based on a preliminary discussion.




The incorporation charge must be fully paid in advance.

The displayed tariffs include fees, Trade Register taxes and VAT. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

We accept, handle and deliver documents through fast couriers (for other counties).

We also send copies of documents by e-mail or fax at NO EXTRA COST.


The value of allocated time will be calculated as follows: The tariffs shown include up to 30 minutes of commercial and marketing consultancy. What goes beyond those minutes is charged. For consultancy that exceeds 30 minutes but is less than 1 hour and 30 minutes the rate is 200 RON. For what exceeds 1 hour and 30 minutes the rate is 400 RON.

If you perform an activity that involves installation and use of a cash register, we provide fiscal requirements solutions through our partners.

If you already purchased the cash register and you are only interested in fiscal file preparation and the procedure of Public Finance for fiscal procedure, we provide this service at a price of 90 RON.

The prices above do not include VAT.


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