Company incorporation: Limited Liability Company Incorporation

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Company incorporation: Limited Liability Company Incorporation

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The incorporation of the company will be FREE if the SRL will have only 1 associate.

  • If there are more than 1 associate, an additional fee of 50 RON/ additional associate will be applied. 
  • If the associate/s is/ are foreign citizen/s than an additional fee of 500 RON/ associate will be applied.

The accounting subscription starts at 150 RON/ month. Click here for details.

Cost of SRL (1 associate) incorporation in Romania:

  • 350 RON - if the office is in Bucharest or Ilfov County;
  • 450 RON – if the office is in other counties in Romania.

The final cost includes our fee, Trade Register taxes (publishing the documents needed in the Official Monitor of Romania) and VAT.  It also includes preliminary consulting services, drafting the documents, registration of the documents at the Trade Register and retrieving the final documents from the Trade Register.

If the registere office of the company will be at a lawyer’s office or if the services you want to offer are from a certain field, you may also need to authorize the activity at third parties which will imply an additional cost of 100 RON.

If there will be more than 1 associate in the company (SRL with 2 or more associates) there will be additional costs:

  • 50 RON for every additional associate (natural person);
  • 100 RON for every additional associate (legal person);
  • 500 RON for every additional associate (foreign citizen in Romania)


  • We can help you with the shared capital deposit at a bank near Piata Muncii in Bucharest. The minimal shared capital is 200 RON and it may be extracted after the incorporation and used for the company’s development, to pay salaries, utilities, etc for the new company.
  • In order to pay less at a notary public we can help you with the affidavit for the associate/s. One of our lawyers can sign this affidavit and authorize it and this services is provided by us for FREE.
  • The signature specimen can also be obtained for FREE at the Trade Register or at any notary, in exchange for a fee.

Necessary documents for the incroporation of a SRL in Romania:

  • copy of ID / passport/ any ID document of the associate and/ or administrator;
  • copy of registered office’s documents (ex: sell-purchase agreement of the apartment/ house – copy);l if you will chose to have a registered office hosted at our locations, click here for details: REGISTERED OFFICE in a lawyer’s office;
  • Copy of ID / passport / any ID document of the owner/s of the registered office;
  • The neighbors’ agreement if the registered office is an apartment;
  • Signature specimen – free at the Trade Register;
  • The affidavit by the associate/s – at our lawyer’s office (free) or at a notary;
  • 3-5 name suggestions for us to register the company name.  

Legal obligations after the incorporation:

In maximum 30 days since the final incorporation procedure you will need to buy from the Financial Administration the following books:

  • Unique Control Book – 2 pieces; they will be necessary at the registered office and/ or at the secondary office/s of your company; they will be used to register all the financial or legal controls form representatives of different institutions at your offices;
  • Tax and fiscal book – only if your company pays a profit tax.

Fees for registered office hosting for a SRL: available in all Districts of Bucharest

  • 65 Euro + VAT  - 6 months
  • 120 Euro + VAT – 1 year + 1 year FREE!!!
  • 220 Euro + VAT – 2 years + 2 years FREE !!!
  • 275 Euro + VAT – 3 years

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Special packages for FREE incorporation!

START-UP package: FREE company incorporation if you choose the accounting subscription for 6 months with payment in advance.

​The accounting subscription fees start 175 RON/ month, but the final cost depends on the company organization, number of employees, number of documents in a month, etc.

The accounting services are supervised by financial experts with experience and certifications:  CECCAR, CCFR & CAFR.


For more details regarding the incorporation procedure, please feel free to contact us via e-mail:

If you decided you want to collaborate with us, you can find us at the following addresses in Bucharest:

  • Headquarters in Splaiul Independentei no 273, District 6, Bucharest – telephone: (+4)021.318.69.60/ (+4) 0720.370.029
  • District 1: Avionului Street no 26, near Promenada Mall Center- telephone: (+4) 0733.050.462.
  • District 2: Calea Mosilor, no 156 - telephone 0733.054.277
  • District 3: in the parking lot next to the Trade Registry (near Piata Muncii) - telephone (+4) 0733.054.733





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