The Joint Stock Companies


The Joint Stock Companies are legal entities with juridical personality that can perform any type of activity, except for those that are governed and organized under special laws, like those regulated by prohibited National Classification of Economic Activities unique-codes.

The primary business activity is represented by a single NCEA code; however for the secondary activity you may have multiple codes, going up to all NCEA codes that are allowed.

For the formation of a Joint Stock Company you need to have title deeds for registering an office. If you do not possess a property we can host your registered office for you.

Company liabilities are guaranteed with the capital stock; the shareholders being liable only up to the value of their contribution in the shared capital.

The Limited Liability Company can have employees for the licensed activity.


Taxes and taxation:

In order to focus more on the business activity it is important that you outsource the bookkeeping to a team of professional accountants.

Documents necessary for the incorporation of a Joint Stock Company


The documents that will be needed initially, in order to set in motion the incorporation process for a joint stock company, are the following:

  • Copy of ID card/ Passport - associate(s);
  • Copy of ID card/ Passport - administrator(s);
  • Copy of the deed for the registered office* - the lease or title deeds of the property where the registered office is going to be (must contain the owner’s identification data).
  • Articles of Incorporation (drafted by us);
  • Bailment Agreement - if applicable (drafted by us);
  • Owners’ Association certificate/agreement - if applicable (drafted by us);
  • Notarial declarations given by the Associates / Sole Associate and the Administrator;
  • Administrator`s specimen signature.

Once the file is complete, it will be sent to the Trade Register Office.

In case you wish to rent a property to be used as registered office address, all you have to do, at first, is bring in the copies of the associates/administrators’ ID cards and think about the three name options for the company. You can then sign the lease agreement using the name reservation issued by the National Trade Register Office, which will be in your possession within 24 hours, at the latest.

If the lessor is a legal person, we will also need a copy of the title deeds or the administration contract for the property in question. If you do not have a property in mind for your registered office (without which you cannot incorporate your business), or if you have one, but the neighbours refuse to sign a release for such purpose, you can choose the registered office hosting services provided by Reinvent Consulting.

A joint stock company must have at least 2 shareholders who may be natural or legal persons, Romanian or foreign, and the minimum capital stock must be the equivalent of 25,000 Euro.
The Articles of Incorporation must indicate the number and the nominal value of the shares and must specify whether the shares are registered or bearer. The nominal value of a share cannot be of less than 0.1 RON.

Incorporating a business is a complex process that should be initiated with the help of a consultancy, in order to avoid further expenses for amending the documents.

Reinvent Consulting contributes to the success of your business from the very beginning.


Incorporation of a Joint Stock Company:

  • 1,000 euros plus VAT.

If you wish to perform an activity that requires the installation and use of a cash register, we provide fiscal activation solutions through our partners.

If you already acquired a cash register/fiscal printer and you only need help putting together the fiscal activation documentation and filing it with the General Directorate for Public Finances, we provide this service for a fee: 

  • 90 RON (VAT exclusive).



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