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Suggestions regarding company names - Company name generator

It is advisable to note that many name versions, are not valid, therefore cannot be registered at the Trade Register. This has been valid for a long time, but especially after January the 1st, 2009, when new regulations became applicable, which provide that company names and reservations are to be made at a national level. As a result, the name possibilities are narrow. In such circumstances, a deeper research is needed.
Therefore, regardless of the field and object of activity that you have chosen, we provide app that helps you choose a company names. Getting to the right combination is up to you. We will show youthe steps of this procedure and you will then choose the one you like most.

The mechanism of this app is based on the combination of 2 or more words. We provide a certain model that includes some of our suggestions, but also elements that you can introduce yourself. The elements are placed in three columns so you can combine them with maximum ease. Please have in mind our suggestions are only examples. Replace them with other concepts which you find attractive. You can choose to make combinations with the elements included in two columns, or elements from three columns. Moreover, in the name-field you can add your name or surname, if you feel this is a good decision.

Fill the table, using all the three columns: Concept, Activity, and Description. You can use the examples provided, or add more. Then, fill each column separately.
What does each column contain?
Column I - the concept column
This column allows you to integrate some concepts which you find interesting. Let's say you really like the sound of "Amsterdam", or Dolores, Nessie, Famous etc. Write them here.
Column II - column with elements related to the object of activity
In this column, you will enter as many elements as you may find related to the object of activity of the company you wish to incorporate.
Example for hair salon: Hair Styling, Beauty & Style, Beauty & Hair style, Beauty & Hair Design, Hair Design, Coiffure, Style etc;
Example for automotive service: Auto, Service, Auto Service,  
Example for construction industry:  Buildings, Construct, Construction etc
Example for telecommunications:  Communications, Telecoms etc.
Example for IT: Online, IT, Internet, Computer, Software, Hardware, Hardware & Software etc.
Column III - business description
In this column you can type those business aspects (whether it is about location, price or marketing strategy to innovation or specific features resulting from the materials used, etc.) that you feel differentiate your company from others.
How does it work?
Take the first word in the first column and combine it with each word from column II. For instance (e.g. construction): Profit Building, Civil Profit, Profit Metal, Buildings Profit, Profit Construct, etc. Profit Construction. Note that the last three versions sound pretty good, keep them to use them later.
Take the second word and combine it with elements from the second column, and then, the third word, etc. Remember the versions you like and write them down. Every one of them (if you're not fully satisfied with how it sounds) can be combined with elements from the third column.
This model can provide hundreds of combinations. You only need 10 minutes to find the perfect name for your company!

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The trademark is an important part of your business, which differentiates it from the rest and offers it a better chance for development. Registering a trademark or industrial design with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks will provide protection .

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