Negotiations with creditors

Negotiations with creditors, Reinvent Consulting

Company A has debts to companies B and C. Meanwhile, Company A has received significant sums from the company D.

Each of the companies B, C and D are in similar situations. The case is hypothetical but extremely common in practice. In the current economic environment cash became an essential resource.

Economic agents of all sizes get in trouble because of lack of liquidity, even if the numbers look good. Economic blockages tend to become a worse problem than lower sales, lower budgets, debt, price collapse, reduced production, unemployment, etc.


We have gathered the experience of 18 years of activity in the Romanian business environment and we use it both for our group of companies, as well as for client-companies.

Special training regarding legal matters and practical experience in financial-accounting and commercial aspects, knowledge of negotiations techniques and anti-manipulation strategies, perfect mastery of the nonverbal communication clues and, above all, a track experience of solved cases recommend us as a solution for your problem. We combine all of these in the most wanted service on the market: negotiation with creditors for debt recovery and obtaining payment facilitations.

We can conduct negotiations with all categories of creditors - not just suppliers of products / services but also the State, financial administrations, banks, leasing companies etc.

Obtain payment schedules, payment of some interest rates without paying the principal (rates - in case of banks or leasing companies). Periods that can be won may be of 3-9 months, depending on the particular situation.

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