Debt Recovery

Debt recovery, Reinvent Consulting

Especially now, the economic blockade has reached an alarming level when the socio-economic and political context is generally highly uncertain for the next two years; thus for commercial debts, financial resources are very important!

Negotiations for debt recovery constitute a challenge for managers, accountants, lawyers, attorneys and executors.

Experience has shown that we can be successful in a few hours where others have struggled for months. And to convince yourself, there is only one way and you have nothing to lose. If you have to recover commercial debts of more than 25,000 RON, please contact us.

The service is available for small companies, medium and large ones, whether it's about tax bills, checks, promissory notes, etc. The fee is calculated according to the amount of debt; we will charge you only in case of success.

To schedule a meeting / discussion, please contact us: 021.318.69.60!


Ways of action: mandate agreement, debt cession. We will analyze the case that you present and debtor's situation and a recovery option shall be determined by mutual agreement.

The procedure assume participation of two experienced business managers, two accountants and two lawyers, all part of Reinvent Consulting team with significant experience and teamwork. The steps are:

  • Contact/notifying the debtor and conduct preliminary discussions regarding: the need for payment and the grounds on which it is based; the ways in which debt payments will be achieved, including the related penalties; ways on which they will be monitoring the entire process,
  • Starting the procedure (when the situation is not solved during the first phase).

To schedule a meeting / discussion, please contact us:(+4) 021.318.69.60!