Personnel management and payroll services

Personnel administration services require time, resources and well trained employees. Outsourcing these services, under the present conditions imposed by the law, will guarantee you improvement of the HR activities for your company. The qualified personnel will bring numerous benefits: providing correct and high quality services, as well as a major cost reduction for your business.

We offer personnel administration services such as: drafting employment contracts, job descriptions, various certifications, file management, registering employees in Revisal, ensuring the relationship with the Labor Inspectorate, assistance during the checks carried out by State Institutions, consulting on various business cases pertaining to human resources consulting, regarding labor legislation.

Payroll services require precision; we ensure confidentiality of employees and fast processing capabilities.

Payroll outsourcing is the best solution for companies because it complies with safety legislative compliance requirements; it offers correct processing of employees' salaries, the correct paperwork, specific advice.

Outsourcing this service will eliminate HR costs that come with trainings for using certain complex payroll software. 


Services we offer:

  • 1. Personnel Administration

  • preparation of personnel files ;
  • preparation of individual employment contracts ;
  • preparing documentation for termination / modification / suspension of individual employment contracts;
  • preparing addenda for individual employment contracts;
  • preparation of certificates of seniority ;
  • preparation of other reports requested by the customer ;
  • consulting services in labor law issues;
  • assistance in case of checks carried out by state institutions.

2. Revisal services

  • approaching the Labor Inspectorate to obtain a username and password for making online deposits to the General Register of Employment;
  • preparation, completion and submission of the General Register of Employment.

3. Human Resources Consulting

  • preparing Internal Regulations or offering advice on its preparation;
  • Consulting on completion / modification / suspension / termination of individual employment contracts;
  • advice on individual labor contract clauses;
  • developing job descriptions.

4. Payroll services

  • verification and processing monthly sheets and all necessary data;
  • verification of sick leave certificates;
  • payroll;
  • transmission of documents resulting from payroll: pay sheet; wage flyers, centralizing wages; social contributions and payroll tax orderings. 
  • generating and transmitting unique declaration;
  • evidence of leaves;
  • preparation of payroll reports requested by the customer;
  • consulting regarding payroll issues.




Price per emplyers (VAT is included)

Drafting employment contract

50 RON

Monthly payroll service / employee

60 RON

Closing an employment contract

75 RON

Preparing informative statement of the withheld tax and the realized gains / losses on income beneficiaries -D205

55 RON 

Preparing certificate family physician / hospital

28 RON

Preparing bank certificate in case of unemployment

56 RON

Drafting job descriptions

130 RON

Preparing Internal Regulation Guidebook

420 RON