Update of identification data: general information

There are cases when changes occur in the identification details of companies` founders, whether they are partners or shareholders, directors, auditors, liquidators, persons empowered by proxy to represent a legal entity.

In such cases some procedures at the Trade Register Office in which jurisdiction the registered office is located are required.

Under such conditions, the presence of the members / shareholders / partners, the company’s stamp and copies of all company documents are necessary.

If you wish to register several amendments in the same file, you benefit from a 50% DISCOUNT of each entry fee (the reference one is the cheapest). 

Necessary documents

We will prepare a file that includes the following documents:

  • General Assembly Resolution;
  • Additional Act / Decision of sole partener;
  • Updated Article of Incorporation;
  • Delegation.

In case a new administrator is appointed, an Administrator Statement is required and his specimen signature; documents must be signed in front of the Notary.

The file also includes:

  • request for submitting and amend of documents;
  • certified copies of documents from which results the new identification details.

If a partner / shareholder changed his name as a result of divorce / termination of marriage, he / she must also attach to the file the following:

  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of marriage certificate / copy of the sentence of divorce (certified, final and irrevocable legal sentence), as appropriate;
  • copy of C.I. / B.I.(Identification Card)

The term for such a procedure is 5-10 days (for Bucharest and Ilfov) once the file is complete, and respectively 15-25 days for the rest of the districts. 



In order to find out the service charge, please visit the Amendments price list: HERE


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