Opening branches and activity authorization: general information

A company may open branches at the moment of incorporation or at a later moment.

Opening a new branch after the firm registration phase is being made by introducing and registering amendments at the Trade Register.

At the beginning of the procedure, or at an intermediate moment during the file preparation, the presence of the member / partners is required, as well as the company stamp and copies of all company documents.

After opening the new branch (meaning after documents have been issued by the Trade Register), the branch must be declared to the Financial Administration responsible for the area where the registered office is located. This needs to be done within 30 days.

If the branch has more than 5 employees, it will be considered a secondary office that needs to also be declared at the Financial Administration where the main registered office is and at the Financial Administration where this secondary office is located. Otherwise, for not registering the secondary registered office, the local public finance law provides sanctions involving fines from 3,000 RON to 5,000 RON.

If you want to register several amendments in the same file, you benefit from a 50% DISCOUNT of each entry fee (the reference amendment is the cheapest one).

Necessary documents

To register annotations with respect to new operating facilities and authorization for those activities, you need the following documents:

  • Copy of Lease Contract - the location where the facility will be opened (with the identification details of the founders);
  • In case you rent a property from an individual for this facility a Lease Contract endorsed by the Public Finance Administration will be necessary. If you rent it from a legal entity, we also need a copy of the Title Deed or administration contract for that building.
  • The file will be completed with:
  • General Assembly Resolution;
  • Additional Act / Decision  of sole partner;
  • Delegation (all mentioned documents are drafted by us);
  • The Bailment Agreement - if applicable (drafted by us);
  • Homeowners’ Association Certificate/ Agreement for the space of the future facility - if applicable (written by us).

The term for such a procedure is 5-10 days (for Bucharest and Ilfov) once the file is complete, and respectively 15-25 days for other counties.


In order to find out the service charge, please visit the Amendments price list: HERE.



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