Moving the registered office

Changing / Moving the registered office of a commercial company requires the registration of an amendment at the Trade Register.

The approach of choosing the location for your registered office is one that requires special attention. That is because it has consequences on:

  • image and credibility,
  • the ease with which you obtain hosting for the registered office,
  • the cost of administrating the company,
  • communication and relationships with the current and future customers and partners,
  • the access to related services.

At the beginning of the procedure, or at an intermediate moment during the file preparation, the presence of the partner / shareholders is required, as well as the company stamp and copies of all company documents.

If you want to register several amendments in the same file, you benefit from a 50% DISCOUNT of each entry fee (for reference, we shall consider the one with the highest fee).


Necessary documents

The presence of the partner / shareholders becomes a must, with the company stamp and copies of all company documents.

We will prepare a file that includes the following documents:

  • Certificate of Registration -  original
  • Copy of Lease Contract - the location where the registered office will be moved to (with the identification details of the owners).
  • The Bailment Agreement - if applicable (drafted by us),
  • Homeowners’ Association Certificate/Agreement - if applicable;
  • General Assembly Resolution,
  • Additional Act / sole partner Statement,
  • Updated Article of Incorporation,
  • Delegation.

The property owner where the registered office will be located must undertake formalities for obtaining the certificate attesting the right to use the space for this purpose. Those formalities usually take five working days since submission.

The term for such an approach is 5-10 days (for Bucharest and Ilfov County) once the file is complete, respectively 15-25 days for the rest of the counties  (the time is longer because the procedure involves sending mail both to the client and state institutions).

Hosting registered office


  • you do not own a commercial space/ a house/ an apartment to host the registered office for the company you wish to incorporate, or
  • although you own a real estate property, but you cannot obtain the neighbors and  owners association consent (and, if applicable, the consent of the people with habitation rights in that location), or
  • you prefer to register the company's headquarters in a modern office building, or
  • you wish to register the company in Bucharest and not a different location from the country, or if
  • you wish to move the headquarters out of the country (or from abroad) in Bucharest,

then you need the solution Reinvent Consulting offers!


Hosting services for registered office

Hosting the registered office for a company includes a package of related services: Basic secretarial service - it comprises: receiving mail correspondence and sending you notifications.
Our hosting service will spare you from the formalities needed to obtain the Homeowners’ Association and the neighbours’ consent, as well as the formalities for obtaining the certificate attesting the right to use the space as the registered office - an action that usually takes five working days since submission.


  • 690 RON – for Bucharest and Ilfov County;
  • 940 RON – for other counties.

These prices include fees, VAT and other Trade Register taxes.

Reinvent Consulting’s SPECIAL OFFER: 50% DISCOUNT of the fee for every 2 amendments registered in the SAME file! *

*The discount applies to the amendment with the smallest fee.
In order to find out the service charge, please visit the Price list page for Amendments : HERE!


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