Expanding an object of activity

Some changes in the business model can generate the need of amending the object of activity for that particular company.

Reinvent customers who founded a company with the help of our specialists, have, in the overwhelming majority of cases, registered for the secondary object of activity all National Classification of Economic Activities codes with no extra costs. However, if you find yourself in this situation and you need to extend the secondary object of activity, we will provide our service.

Expanding the scope of business/ object of activity practically means adding new codes to the secondary NCEA object of activity in order to perform these activities. For companies that have remained with NCEA codes version1, meaning those prior to 27.03.2008, must recode them (a service charged separately).  

At the beginning of the procedure, or at an intermediate moment during the file preparation, the presence of the partner / shareholders is required, with the company stamp and copies of all company documents, in addition to the initially required documents.

If you want to register several annotations using the same file, you benefit from a 50% DISCOUNT of each entry fee (for reference, we shall considered the one with the highest fee).


Necessary documents

The presence of the member / shareholders becomes a must, with the company stamp and copies of all company documents.

We will prepare a file that includes the following documents:

  • The Certificate of Registration – original,
  • General Assembly Resolution,
  • Additional Act / Decision of the sole partner,
  • Updated Article of Incorporation,
  • Delegation.

The term for such an approach is 5-10 days (for Bucharest and Ilfov County) once the file is complete, respectively 15-25 days for the rest of the districts (the term is higher because the procedure involves sending mails both to the client and state institutions).


  • 660 RON – for Bucharest and Ilfov County;
  • 930 RON – for other counties.

These prices include fees, VAT and other Trade Register taxes.

Reinvent Consulting’s SPECIAL OFFER: 50% DISCOUNT of the fee for every 2 amendments registered in the SAME file! *

*The discount applies to the amendment with the smallest fee.
In order to find out the service charge, please visit the Price list page for Annotations: HERE!


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