Activity authorization: general information

Operating permits for the new working facility must be obtained once the incorporation started. If in the Incorporation Act multiple activities were mentioned for the secondary object of activity, out of which the intention is to conduct only a small part of these activities, then these activities will require authorization.

In case of carrying out activities without authorization, sooner or later, due to checks, you will support sanctions from authorities in various fields from different public institutions: Veterinary Health Division, Department of Public Health, the Labour Inspectorate, and Environmental Protection Agency. The fines are simply not worth the risk.

Operating permits are not the same as licenses and permits that are obtained from the city hall or from ministries for certain activities (e.g. for bar-restaurant, the placement of workforce, etc.)

If you register several amendments in the same file, you will benefit from a 50% DISCOUNT of each entry fee (the reference one is the cheapest).

Necessary documents

You will need the following documents:

  • Contract of Title Deed - Copy - the location where the branch will be (with the ID of the parteners).
  • In case you rent a property from an individual for the office, it is mandatory that you hold a Lease Contract approved by the Public Finance Administration. If you rent from a legal entity, we will also need a copy of the Title Deed or Administration Contract of that building.
  • It requires the presence of the member / shareholders, the company stamp and copies of all company documents. The file will be completed with:
  • General Assembly Resolution,
  • Additional Act / Decision of the sole partner,
  • Delegation (all mentioned documents drafted by us),
  • The Bailment Agreement - if applicable (drafted by us),
  • Homeowners’ Association Certificate / Agreement - if applicable (edited by us).

The term for such a procedure is 5-10 days (for Bucharest and Ilfov) once the file is complete, and respective 15-25 days for the rest of the counties.


In order to find out the service charge, please visit the Amendments Price list page: HERE



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