General accounting services

Accounting services, Reinvent Consulting

Below can be found the general accounting services and bookkeeping services we provide:

  • accounting in accordance with the legal norms in force;
  • bookkeeping according to the principles of accounting and all legal requirements;
  • operating primary documents elaborated by the beneficiary;
  • analytical and synthetic record services for suppliers and customers;
  • assets record services, calculation of depreciation;
  • preparation of Purchase Journal, Sales Journal;
  • preparation of balance of verification and analytical balances;
  • preparation of accounting journals provided by law: Journal Register, Inventory Register, General Ledger;
  • preparation of  statements in accordance with legal terms, for micro-enterprises profits tax or income tax, as appropriate;
  • calculation of dividends tax, preparing tax returns on dividends;
  • calculation of income tax for legal entities, individuals and foreign citizens;
  • VAT return preparation;
  •  reporting;
  • preparing statements or reports required by other applicable law;
  • preparing payrolls for employees and calculate the contributions generated by these operations;
  • preparing monthly statements concerning the calculation of the following contributions:
    • contributions to the state social insurance budget,
    • contributions to the social health insurance budget,
    • contributions to unemployment insurance fund,
    • contributions from the state budget,
    • commission on work cards,
    • other contributions provided by law.
  • prepare fiscal sheets;
  • preparation and statements registration concerning the payment obligations to unemployment insurance fund in case the client benefits from subsidies for employees;
  • development and  implementation of accounting procedures and the chart of accounts adapted to the company particularities and in compliance with general rules;
  • staff training on how to draw  the flow of primary documents;
  • staff training regarding the use of payment instruments (payment orders, promissory notes, checks, etc..), and the elaboration of these;Accounting services, Reinvent Consulting
  • preparation of payment orders relating to the treasury transfers towards the state budget, the state social insurance budget, the social health insurance budget, unemployment insurance budget, ITM etc.;
  • relationship with the bank (deposit and collect documents, collect bank statements, cash deposit);
  • periodic information of the management on the financial situation of the company;
  • continuously informing the client regarding tax and financial accounting regulation ;
  • periodic information regarding tax law changes related to its work;

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