Support for accountants - a service specifically designed for accountants


Support for accountants, support services for accounting, Reinvent ConsultingManaging a growing number of clients, preparation and submission of tax documents on time without stress, support regarding inspections from the Financial Administration? Tax consultancy in real time when necessary?

Dear fellow colleagues, these types of services are all at your fingertips with our NEW support service for accountants!

The accounting profession is a beautiful, meticulous job that requires great care and continuously being up to date with all financial laws and provisions, given that the tax law is changing constantly and involves a lot of bureaucracy.

Because we know that the work of an accountant means more volume and fixed terms, we created this service especially for your various needs:

  • Various works / services (drafting forms, statements, completing files, form 088, payroll services);
  • Assistance in calculating tax obligations (contributions, income tax, tax on dividends, etc);
  • Assistance in dealing with tax authorities;
  • Assistance on Tax Procedure hand;
  • Mailing documents, visits to institutions;
  • Other specific services on request.

Benefits of this service:

  • Making as many orders without fixed term pressure without losing new customers because of the volume of work;
  • You pay us after receiving our work;
  • Outsourcing jobs: taking over a part of works by expert accountants, CECCAR members, without the internal costs (salaries, administrative costs);
  • Quality guarantee: experienced team of experienced accountants;
  • Ensuring our work: We disclaim any possible contractual accounting error;
  • Managing a large number of files to be completed in a timely manner;
  • Online tax consulting.

We also provide online ax consulting services on the following topics:

  • Direct taxes (including income tax and tax on income derived from Romania by non-residents);
  • Indirect taxes (such as VAT and excise duties);
  • Fiscal procedure issues;
  • Preparing and submitting financial statements;
  • Legislative updates;
  • Assistance in solving the specific shoulders;
  • Other situations, depending on the specific needs of beneficiaries. Click here for full details.

Our team of financial experts:

Our team is made up of people with experience and training in the fields of: accounting and financial activity, tax and audit.

Tax advice is provided by our consultants:

  • Ms. Iuliana Barbu, tax consultant, member CECCAR professional accountant with over 15 years’ experience in finance and accounting;
  • Mrs. Georgiana Gaman, assistant tax consultant, CECCAR member with 10 years’ experience in finance and accounting.