ONLINE fiscal / tax consulting services

Online fiscal tax consulting services, Reinvent Consulting


If there is a question there is an answer. If there is a problem there is a solution as well!

Why this online service?

This service has emerged as a complement to face-to-face fiscal / tax consulting in order to support those who need expert advice in real time, being aware that any unsolved problem in time affects the company’s activity.

No need to be near us, we will respond online via e-mail to any questions or concerns you may face. Choose one of the below packages, best suited for your needs, and you will have access to your personal tax advisor.

So, whether you have a company or you are an accountant, we are here for you!

Do you need information on tax legislation or you need a little help preparing financial documents or resolving specific cases? Ask us! You will receive your personalized response within 24 hours. We offer this guarantee in the contract we sign together.

We provide tax advice online on the following topics:

  • Direct Taxes (including income tax and tax on income derived from Romania by non-residents);
  • Taxes and indirect taxes (such as VAT and excise duties);
  • Issues regarding the Fiscal procedures;
  • Preparing and submitting financial statements;
  • Legislative updates;
  • Assistance in solving of specific business cases;
  • Other situations, depending on the specific needs of beneficiaries.

You can choose from two pricing plans:

  • Monthly subscription 100 RON - 10 questions via e-mail (if unused they can be used next month);
  • 25 lei / question (without subscription).

Our team of financial experts

The team that provides financial services is made up of people with years of experience and training in the field of accounting and financial accounting, as well as tax and audit services.

Our tax advisors:

  • Mrs. Iuliana Barbu, tax consultant, member of CECCAR, professional accountant with over 15 years’ experience in finance and accounting; 
  • Mrs. Georgiana Gaman, assistant tax consultant, member CECCAR with 10 years’ experience in finance and accounting.

Other financial services are supported by a team of 10 professional accountants, of which 3 are members of CECCAR and one trainee.

We can also cover large areas of financial and commercial consulting; Reinvent Consulting has a team of lawyers and legal advisors with experience in their profession.


For details, questions or if you choose to be partners, please contact us by phone: 021.318.69.60 or e-mail: 

Reinvent Services

 ONRC registrations 

Whether you are in need of services such as company incorporation, creating document amendments, suspension of activity or company dissolution , our experts are at your disposal. 

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Industrial Property

The trademark is an important part of your business, which differentiates it from the rest and offers it a better chance for development. Registering a trademark or industrial design with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks will provide protection .

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Accounting and financial consulting

Our concept of integrated services  brings together both financial and legal services. Thus , we have both experts in accounting and tax consultants. 

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Registered office hosting

By hosting your company's registerd office at our commercial lawyer's office , you can step into business without owning a building and without relying on a building Association Agreement or other agreemnets with owners or neighbors . In addition, you will benefit from a free office management type service. 


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Strategic solutions

 We are an experienced team and therefore we bring our clients a variety of strategic services such as : negotiations with creditors , debt collection , reorganization of companies, operations in other jurisdictions , management contracts.


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Lawyers, attorneys, auditors, accounting and tax experts, financial and legal consultants all offer our clients the information and the support when they need to make an important financial or legal decision. 


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