The main services offered by Reinvent Consulting

About us, Reinvent ConsultingReinvent Consulting is the brand for integrated services in the field of commercial, legal, financial and fiscal consulting: it is a hub located at the crossroad of high expertise solutions, strategic partners, logistic infrastructure and financial resources.

The solutions we offer are complemented by a wide range of services, such as: bookkeeping, filing for registration with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, carrying out various operations with the Trade Register, as well as hosting the registered offices of client companies.

The quality of our services and the professionalism of our experts are confirmed by more than 12 000 clients who have chosen us.


Company incorporation and registration of amendments with the Trade Register

Financial and accounting record keeping

Associations / NGOs and foundations


Registered office hosting



State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

  • Incorporation of Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Debutant Company, Joint Stock Company, Self-employment, Sole proprietorship, Family proprietorship, Cooperatives, Associations/NGOs, Foundations, Trade Unions;
  • Activity authorization;
  • Opening/closing of operational unit;
  • Activity suspension / resumption;
  • Increase of capital stock;
  • Appointment / recall / change of the Administrator;
  • Modifying /extending / re-codifying/ cancelling of the Company’s Objects. Company
  • Bookkeeping, in accordance to the provisions of the law;
  • Preparation of the balance of verification and analytical balances;
  • Preparation of the accounting journals;
  • Calculation of taxes;
  • Filing for VAT return;
  • Filling out payment orders for the state budget;
  • Financial audit;
  • Commercial and fiscal consulting;


  •  Association/NGO and foundation establishment;
  • Establishment of Flat Owners’ associations;
  • Registration of amendments regarding the association/ foundation;
  • Extending the duration of the registered office;
  • Dissolution of the association/ foundation.



  • Registered office hosting (including basic secretarial services);
  • Extending the duration of the registered office;
  • Change of the registered office;
  • Extending the duration of the company.


  • Registration of industrial designs and models;
  • Registration of trademarks.